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Pioneering MAF In Myanmar

Before starting any new work MAF carries out a detailed feasibility assessment to make sure the work is needed, valued and will make a long term impact. In starting a new project MAF will ask: “Does it check all the right boxes?”

MAF works in isolated communities where there is an urgent need...

Not many places in the world are more isolated than Chin State in Myanmar (formerly Burma). Lailenpi is a remote mountain village, home to 3000 people. Driving to the nearest hospital takes four long days, so women in childbirth often die before getting help. Poverty, lack of education and the effects of isolation are everywhere. The need for the transforming impact of MAF flights is evident.

MAF goes where we are welcome and our services are valued...

In January 2016 a trip was made to Lailenpi to assess the feasibility of an airstrip in the mountains. Upon arrival the team was greeted by three separate groups! The first sang, danced and prayed. A second gave the team flowers and a dance was performed by locals. Then more than a thousand people lined up across a football field below waiting to greet them!

Whenever possible, we work in partnership...

MAF’s connection and relationship with Dr. Sasa has been vital. Dr. Sasa leads a Christian NGO called Health and Hope that has brought together hundreds of villagers to donate land and build a training center to launch the region’s first primary health care service.

God has clearly been orchestrating the project…

Chad Tilley (MAF Myanmar Country Director) recalls the historic meeting with the Vice President in January 2017 at which he held a cabinet meeting on the spot and all agreed it should be built! Chad said, “Looking back on the key moments that MAF has had in Myanmar leading up to this, we can clearly see that God has orchestrated these. There’s no way we could have controlled this ourselves!”

The government is really behind the airstrip…

This is key. As guests in Burma, MAF needs the permission of the government in order to stay and work. The current government sees the value of what MAF is doing, is supportive of the airstrip and has promised infrastructure improvements, including three kilometres of roads, a generator, a hospital and a community centre!

The airstrip will bring long-term transformation to the region…

Chad says, “This project will set the foundation for MAF’s work and the development of a flight programme in the future, allowing us to help other communities in Myanmar. The airfield development project is a catalyst for transformation”.

Chad says, “The challenge now is to fund the project”

You can see how vital this airstrip will be to the people of Lailenpi! Villagers have been coming out in their hundreds and working long hours to clear the land and start work on the airfield. As Chad said, “They’ve given us an open door. It’s our choice whether we step through it”.

MAF is called to bring both physical and spiritual transformation to isolated communities. Would you “step through the open door” with MAF? Your gift today will make a significant contribution to help MAF build an airstrip in Myanmar. Together we can bring transformation and reduce isolation in Chin State for generations to come!


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