Give A Jerrycan Of Jet Fuel This Christmas

How to give a gift that will make a real difference this year!

Despite the pandemic, our commitment to families and communities cut off from the life-saving resources they need has never wavered. In fact, our flights are now needed more than ever! By giving a Jerrycan Christmas card you will help MAF continue it’s work in 30 countries around the world!

In Tanzania, MAF’s two Cessna C206s carry out medical and evangelistic safari flights, transporting staff from local hospitals or Bible schools so they can deliver much-needed clinics or outreach to the most isolated communities.

On August 14, southwestern Haiti was hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. MAF swung into action transporting disaster relief supplies, injured people and teams from many relief agencies. MAF Haiti’s relief efforts have been ongoing since then.

Each $35 “Jerrycan of Jet Fuel” Christmas card will help us make a flight that could change a life. Each jerrycan holds about 20 litres of fuel—that’s enough for 20 minutes of flight. In many of the remote places where we serve, 20 minutes will get us over the next ridge of mountains, and even these short flights can save lives. That’s the power of a jerrycan of fuel!

Here’s how to buy your “Jerrycan of Jet Fuel” Christmas Cards

1: The first step is to go here to donate online.

2: You will then receive a Thank You letter with a link to download your Jerrycan Christmas card that you can print out and give to family or friends. 


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