If you had to imagine the worst of all situations it might involve having to leave everything you know and love behind, flee your home and community—only to watch your children starve. Yet for Theresa from South Sudan, this is what happened. As soon as her family reached a refugee camp, they were confronted with an unthinkable prospect. “Just after my son Khasim was born, he looked very healthy and I was not afraid. But then his weight began reducing and it wouldn’t stop”, Theresa recounts, gesturing with her hands to show how tiny and frail he became. “I was praying to God to spare his life when I brought him to the clinic”.

But MAF was able to fly Plumpy’Nuts to a feeding station, and the situation was rapidly reversed. By giving him antibiotics for his chest—and special formula milk for malnutrition—Khasim’s life was saved. “He is getting much better,” Theresa says, with a big smile. “He is six months old and his health is improving very fast. He weighs 3.2kg (7lbs) now. I’m very happy!”

This kind of situation is repeated in many countries where MAF flies. Please be a part of flying life-saving Plumpy’Nuts to where they are urgently needed. Together we can rejoice in how God’s steadfast love is saving lives—sometimes through something as simple as a tiny sachet of Plumpy’Nut food supplement!






Bangladesh remains one of the poorest and most densely populated countries in the world. The lack of development and basic services in isolated and inaccessible areas is directly attributable to its
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