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Everything You Need for Your Next Group Meeting!

Looking for engaging resources for your next meeting? The Project Pack is for you!

Each Project Pack takes between 1 and 1.5 hours and is designed for Sunday school classes, home groups or mission events. Projects includes activities, quizzes, discussions, Bible reflections, teamwork exercises and stories from the front line of MAF, while providing insights into MAF’s amazing role in enabling missions around the world.

Project 1: Leaving a Legacy

This Project looks at the early days of MAF and how a few men caught the vision and started MAF. Almost 75 years later the legacy they left behind is impacting thousands of lives each year in about 30 countries around the world. What did it take to get MAF “off the ground”? How can each of us leave a legacy that impacts people long after we have gone?

Project 2: Only Superheroes Need Apply

Is MAF made up of “superheroes” who soar above the clouds and leap over tall buildings—or ordinary people who do extraordinary things for God? In fact, all of us have a role in missions and our staff are quite normal “Kiwis” who wanted use their time and gifts to serve others. But how have their lives been changed by that decision?


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