This section is updated weekly with new prayer items from our field workers.

WOODWARD, Vaughan & Rosemary

Ryan. Executive Officer and Director, Global Disaster Response, Cairns.

Over the Covid period, five out of twelve of the core team of MAF’s Disaster Responders have become unavailable. Pray for Vaughan as he works to equip and strengthen the Response Team.



Pray for the safety and security of staff in Papua New Guinea as they navigate local challenges and serve isolated people there.


FOX, Mark.


Pray for Mark as he seeks to expand the MAF NZ programme throughout 2023. Pray for wisdom on what directions to go in and how to best serve our King



Thank God for all the candidates currently in the recruitment pipeline globally. Pray that the right people will be recruited and that each candidate will be guided to the correct role for them.


McINTOSH, Colin & Rosemary.

MAFI Maintenance Support Specialist–Turbine Aircraft, NZ based.

Pray for everyone attending the MAF reunion starting today in Matamata. Give thanks for the organising team who have worked hard behind the scenes for their effort in making this weekend a great time of fellowship and encouragement.



MAF works with several schools linked with our programmes by recruiting missionary teachers. There are a number of schools now seeking talented educators. Pray for the right people to find the right placements.


MILES, Doug & Yvonne,

Programme Director, Arnhem Land.

Now that we’ve finished up in Arnhem Land, we had a couple of weeks in Cairns before flying to NZ to attend the MAF reunion. We are now catching up with family and friends around both the North and South Islands. Please pray for a restful and rejuvenating time and for wisdom about our future.



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