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Prayer Briefing

Thank you for supporting the people and work of MAF through prayer

Find our latest Prayer Briefing below which includes daily prayer points for our NZ team serving on the field and the work of MAF NZ and MAF International.

Prayer Briefing
Nov - Dec 23

Join us in daily prayer for the people and work of MAF in NZ and around the globe. View the Prayer Briefing online here, or subscribe to our publications to receive a physical copy.

"Praise the Lord for the training Jono received in October to become a Check Pilot, and for God’s protection and provision over the family who remained in South Sudan while he was in Uganda for two weeks. Please pray for wisdom and guidance as we plan and prepare for our first home assignment in New Zealand, in February and March 2024!"

Jonathan & Michele Pound (Abby, Daniel, Joseph & Benjamin), Pilot, South Sudan.

"Praise God for the production of printed bibles distributed by the MAF Technologies team. Pray that there will be no obstacles to the further production of these bibles in Tok Pisin."

MAF International

"Please pray for God to call teachers to fill a critical need for the school year beginning in August 2024 at the mission school, Numonohi Christian Academy, that our children attend near Goroka, PNG."

Jonny & Glenys Watson (Katie, Alanda, Danielle & Lucy), Pilot, PNG.


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