This section is updated weekly with new prayer items from our field workers.


Please pray that we will be able to fill the HR/Recruitment role within the MAF New Zealand team with exactly the right person—and that He will put the ministry of MAF on their hearts.



Pray for the Kajjansi airfield team in Uganda, as they begin making preparations for another upgrade of their runway. Pray that the work will go ahead quickly and effectively.


WOODWARD, Vaughan & Rosemary

Ryan. Institutional Donor Relations Manager & Global Disaster Response Deputy Manager, Cairns.

Please pray for Vaughan as he leads the Disaster Response department’s coordination of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out programme. Nineteen MAF programmes lie within the World Health Organisation’s “COVAX” programme (set up as a global initiative aimed at equitable access to vaccines).



IT Support Officer, Cairns

Please continue to pray for our IT work, which is even more essential now that staff are often unable to meet together in person. Pray that we will find ways to make the IT services even more accessible and helpful for all of the programmes we support.




Pray for our daughter Kate and fiancé Doug as they get married today. Pray that it will be a blessed time of celebration for them, their family and friends. Pray God’s blessings on their future and that they will know His favour on them as they begin their new life journey together.


POUND, Jonathan & Michele

Abby, Daniel, Joseph and Benjamin. Candidate Pilot, South Sudan.

Thank God for His abundant love and His care and protection. Please pray for travelling mercies as we tour around the South Island. Please pray that God will speak through our message as we present at churches this month, and that He will receive the glory.



Katie, Alana, Danielle and Lucy. Pilot, PNG.

Restrictions are making it difficult to do medevac flights in Madagascar. Pray for wisdom for the team as they work within the regulations set up. Pray that whenever it is not possible to fly, they will find alternative ways to serve the communities in Madagascar.



The Flying for Life magazine is out!

We are excited to send you our next edition of Flying for Life magazine. Hear of the continued vision of MAF NZ from Mark Fox and how MAF internationally is continuing to navigate COVID-19. ReadRead more

An Evening with Jonny & Glenys Watson

Friday 7 May, 7:30pm at Laidlaw College, 20a Amersham Way, Manukau Glenys is a Mission Pilot in the Papua New Guinea programme, flying the Cessna 208 Caravan. She enjoys flying into bush strips inRead more

Wearing Many Hats!

Often commercial pilots become jaded by the repetitive flying they do and begin to hanker after more challenging flying. Working for MAF often means learning to handle a variety of roles and developiRead more

Flying for Peace

We all know that sin and pride results in a world marked by division and “isms”; racism, consumerism, ethnocentrism, elitism, agnosticism, atheism, and many other “isms” that separate—andRead more

Supporting Bible Translation and Literacy in Liberia

MAF partners Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach have served with mission organisation Ethnos360 since 2007, first studying French in France, then moving to Abidjan, Ivory Coast for one year, beforeRead more

Jonny & Glenys Watson

Jonny and Glenys Watson, along with their children, Katie, Alana, Danielle and Lucy are from Hamilton, New Zealand, and have been MAF in PNG since 2017.  Glenys is currently a Mission Pilot in theRead more

Jonathan & Michele Pound

Jono and Michele met in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) and were married in 2010. They have four children, Abby (9), Daniel (8), and twins—Joseph and Benjamin (6), who are all home schooledRead more

A Bold New Vision

Great news! We have made the first step towards purchasing a hangar at Tauranga airport, which will be developed into the Kendon-Strong MAF Centre! In response to the urgent global need, theRead more

The Humble Hero

Greeting Trevor Strong is like meeting a long lost friend. His warmth and graciousness are the first things I notice as I shake hands with one of the men who, in the midst of the horrors of WWII,Read more

High Impact Flights!

Tod Aebischer, Country Director in PNG, recently flew from the “remote—to the really remote” to see first-hand the difference even one MAF flight can make on a community. Despite the heat andRead more

Together We Learn

My name is Harriëtte Knigge and at the beginning of March, I flew to Moropote, in a remote part of PNG, with a friend Caroline Wälde, to give a trauma healing course. In typical Moropote tradition,Read more

Achieving the Engineering Dream!

Have you ever thought of becoming an engineer for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)? Dan Perrett has just completed his apprenticeship in Engineering (Cert IV in Aero skills - Avionics) throughRead more

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