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No matter where you are, you can be a part of bringing help, hope and healing to isolated people! On this page you'll find MAF resources,  how to stay updated with MAF, and ways to bring MAF to your community.

MAF Publications

Keep up to date with the latest stories from our people, planes and places, and share it with your family and friends.

Our team would love to serve your community and be a part of educating and inspiring them around global missions. Fill out the form to request a speaker, and our team will help to coordinate a NZ team member or an overseas missionary to speak while they are on home assignment.

Share the stories of MAF with your family, friends, Church, study group, youth group and wider community. 

"From the First Day Until Now" is a video MAF produced as a part of our 75 year celebration. This cinematic 3-minute video artistically tells the story of how MAF has been a part of seeing individuals and communities transformed over generations.

In this 1.5min video, Ruth retells her story of being a victim of tribal violence in Papua New Guinea, and how MAF was able to medevac her to safety, ultimately saving her life.

Destin Sandlin is an American engineer and science communicator with over 11 million youtube subscribers. In this 7min video, Destin and his son visit the MAF USA Headquarters in Idaho, and spend the day with Brian Shepson, Chief Training Pilot for MAF USA. Dustin praises MAF pilots, calling them 'superheros', as he illustrates the skill and courage they require. 

In this 2.5min video, former Kiwi Pilot, Chris De'Ath, describes what it's like to be an MAF pilot on the front lines of bringing help, hope and healing to isolated people.

This 2min video gives a general overview of the story and history of MAF from 1945 to today. It communicates the unchanging heart and vision MAF has carried and outworked for over 75 years across the globe.

YOU can be a part of the MAF story of bringing help, hope and healing to isolated people around the world. Fill out the form below to stay up to date with MAF stories from around the world, how you can partner with MAF, and what NZ towns our MAF plane will be flying to next! 


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