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Our People

Meet the Kiwis of MAF

Over 1,300 staff work for MAF in over 30 countries worldwide. Around 25 Kiwis are currently serving overseas, many of them with their spouses and children joining them. These Kiwis work as Pilots, Engineers, Country Directors, Maintenance Managers, Safety Managers, Technical Operators, Residential Housing Managers and more. Our field staff are supported by our New Zealand Office team and our Board of Directors.

International Staff

Renee & Pascal Mühlematter | Pilot & Head of Maintenance, PNG

Andy & Sharon Campbell | Maintenance Controller & Doctor, PNG

Kerry & Marie Hastie | Quality and Safety Manager, Mareeba

Nick & Ruth Hitchins | Country Director, Pilot and Hospital Chaplain, Timor Leste

Cobus & Tronel Van der Merwe | Building & Maintenance Deputy Manager, PNG

Andrew Macdonald | Pilot, South Sudan

Benji & Jess Hunt | Engineering Supervisor, PNG

Bridget Ingham | Pilot, PNG

Leigh & Inneke MacRae | Residential House Managers, PNG

Jonathan & Michele Pound | Pilot, South Sudan

Vaughan & Rosemary Woodward | Executive Officer and Director, Global Disaster
Response; HR Advisor, Cairns.

Phil & Tania Sproul | Director of Technical Operations, Cairns

Doug & Yvonne Miles | Interim Country Director, PNG

Jonny & Glenys Watson | Pilot, PNG

Bill & Angela Harding | International Development Director & People Care Manager, NZ based

Colin & Rosemary McIntosh | MAFI Maintenance Support Specialist–Turbine Aircraft, NZ based

Kevin & Angela Nicholls | Regional Quality Manager, New Zealand based

Michael & Naomi Lindsey | Pilot in Training, Australia

Karl & Helene Orchard (Ayla & Thea) | Candidates, IT Manager PNG

Support our Staff

NZ Home Office Staff

Faith Tudor | Fundraising Specialist

Talitha Davies | Office Assistant

MAF NZ Board of Directors

Ian McBride | Chairman

Lawrence Dixon

Derek Harding

Rachel Goodfellow

Jim Veitch

John Neal

Esther Harvey


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