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See for yourself some of the cool work and stories that we at MAF are involved with.

Change The Ending

A short promotional video on how you can help to change the ending of peoples stories when you support the work of MAF.

MAF - Flying For Life

Get a glimpse of what being a part of MAF is like. New Zealander Chris De’Ath explains that although he doesn’t know what long-term transformation each flight will make, he knows that MAF provides an essential lifeline that is making a huge difference around the world. What motivates him is helping bring positive change, transformation and life to isolated people.

Flying for Life Documentary

This is a longer version of the Flying for Life video, with lots of extra information and insight into the impact MAF is having in Bangladesh, PNG, South Sudan, Timor-Leste, Arnhem Land and Mongolia.

This Could Be You

Mark Fox, MAF New Zealand CEO, has a challenge: "Are you a pilot? Well come and do something fantastic with your life!" Follow along as a MAF pilot uses his aviation skills to save lives and bring hope to people living in remote villages. Find out what a day in the life of a MAF pilot is like.

Take Off & Landings

MAF Planes Landing and Taking off at various locations

Across The World

Another stirring overview of the work of MAF as an organization dedicated to bringing hope to isolated people around the world. It will make you want to join with us to impact our world!

Connect The Dots

Connecting the dots means connecting with people. We all have the capacity to make a lasting difference by connecting our world with others. Find out what “connecting the dots” might mean for you

Jungle Pilots Are Superheros

A man and his son travel to Nampa to find out about MAF. This video shows how MAF pilots train to fly in some of the most challenging situations in the world and how MAF is able to help overcome poverty and sickness. Made in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates “Get Smarter Every Day” project

Will You Do Whatever It Takes?

The story of Simon, who lived in a small village in South Sudan with his family. He was an elder in a local church, and his family offered help to thousands of people who fled to his village as refugees. Then one day everything changed…and Simon’s life would never be the same again.


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