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When The Plane Doesnt Come

We love the stories along the lines of When the MAF Plane Comes. What is it like When the MAF Plane Doesn’t Come? When MAF is the only organisation making the difference between life and death?

A heart-breaking plea for the urgent medevac of a sick little girl in the highlands of Papua New Guinea emphasised the importance of MAF planes being able to reach isolated communities. Without access to a MAF flight, the family set out on a long walk for treatment, but miraculously Julie’s condition improved during the arduous trek, and his friend and missionary Ruedi Meier described the miracle that happened when MAF was unable to reach the community… “Their eight-year-old daughter Julie had to be carried at the beginning because she could hardly breathe. During the three-day walk, however, God performed a miracle on Julie. She regained her strength and was able to carry herself over the mountains.”

Our heartbeat, and I know it is yours too, that the MAF Plane Does Come, whenever and wherever it is needed. The end of the financial year (31st March) is just around the corner. So urgently, make a gift before then, to receive your tax deductible rebate in this financial year.


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