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Bringing Change To One Community

MAF has been bringing printed Bibles, Audio Bibles and Bible CD’s into the community of Nungwaia, which in turn has brought change to those living there. Many have expressed their gratefulness—as well as requests for more resources.

Many of the mothers in the Nungwaia community are excited about the Audio Bible. Many do not know how to read but they can listen to the Audio Bible while gardening, cooking, sleeping or just relaxing. It has greatly helped the mothers and they would like every mother to be able to own an audio Bible, which can be listened to on a mobile phone (photo). To achieve this goal they sent a request to MAF asking for more to be flown to Nungwaia. They say that these resources also help their children. Lots of children struggle to read the Bible, but when the Audio Bible “speaks” to them, they listen attentively.

Others report that when the Bible comes into their community, many turn their backs on bad behavior and find joy in their new life. The people at Nungwaia are hungry for the Word of God, saying, “One carton of Bibles is not enough for us!” People make payments in advance with the Bible agent before the plane arrives, so that those who come on the day often miss their chance—all the Bibles have gone. They say, “MAF did not bring enough Bibles!”


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