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MAF/TRACK - Preparing Mission Ready Pilots

MAF New Zealand continues to be one of the highest per capita “sending” countries in the MAF world. With four women pilots and another to join them soon, we also have the highest ratio of women pilots per capita.

But despite this success, we need to continue to identify, recruit, train and send more pilots into the mission field.

Yet it takes someone special to be a MAF pilot. We set the bar high because, no matter what is going on around them, our pilots need to make sound decisions in difficult situations. They need to represent Jesus well, even when things are not going well and they are hot, tired and hungry! For many potential pilots, getting to the mission field can seem like a formidable process. There are technical, financial and personal goals that need to be identified and accomplished. Some may need to grow spiritually, gain life experience or have some overseas cross-cultural exposure.

We know that people applying to join MAF come from diverse backgrounds and are at different stages of following God into missions. Therefore, following an initial assessment, a MAFTRACK is created based on the trainee’s individual needs.

We also recognize that without support, they may feel isolated and lack the connections and mentoring to keep them moving forward. We want to help keep the vision alive and potential pilots on the path to flying with MAF. Our desire is to walk alongside them so that they can achieve their dream of being missionary pilots. The team at MAF NZ is keen encourage, assist and inspire them along their path towards flying for MAF!

It is urgent to get more “workers into the harvest field”. Can you see how vital MAFTRACK is going to be? How it will assist individuals along the path by providing one-on-one support through the key development areas that MAF pilots need to accomplish.

We at MAF want to stand alongside potential pilots, from the time they first hear the call of God. Will you join us? Would you be a part of getting MAF pilots to the mission field?



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