Esther Harvey

Board Member

Esther Harvey is a Work Experience Coordinator at Lynfield College, Auckland, providing Career Guidance, Education and Development to high school students. She is married to Don

Harvey and they have three young adult children, Blake, Jordan and Cadence. The Harveys were a pilot family with MAF NZ who were posted to Papua New Guinea from 1991 to 2002. Don was a pilot and Esther supported Don in his role with administration, homeschooled their three children and provided hospitality to MAF staff on the outstations. They involved themselves in the local community on the bases where they were posted to including Anguganak, Rumginae, Vanimo and Telefomin and also filled in at other bases from time to time. After moving from Onslow Community Church, Wellington in 2012, Esther presently fellowships at BotanyLife in Auckland and is involved in Children's Ministries there.


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