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Peter & Avrienne Austin

Joint Managers, Tree Tops Lodge, Cairns

Peter & Avrienne Austin were married in 1977 and have two adult children and two grandchildren. They were baptized in 1984 at the Nelson Baptist church, after which they moved to PNG to work with Highway Motors, which was at that stage a branch of the Allegiance Training Association group in Lae.

In total they spent 8 1/2 years in PNG, before moving to Hawaii to work as “Mission Builders” at the YWAM “University of the Nations” campus situated in Kona on the big Island of Hawaii.

After Hawaii they returned to New Zealand, and for 16 years Peter ran an Electronics R&D company before being led back to full-time mission work. For 2 1/2 years they renovated a Mission Home used by many Christians working in Paraguay, as well as the Ache people in the capital city of Asuncion in Paraguay, South America.

From South America they again moved to PNG, this time to work with Christian Books Melanesia, before eventually returning to New Zealand in 2015.

They love serving in Cairns as Assistant Managers at Tree Tops Lodge with the skills and acumen they have acquired over a lifetime of service.



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