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Connect, Equip, Send - Our Highest Priority

We can have the aircraft, the fuel, the teachers, pastors and medical teams that urgently need to reach isolated areas. We can have the landing strips, the building supplies and educational materials...but

if we don’t have the right staff, the MAF planes can’t fly. And at this point, many key positions overseas urgently need to be filled. If just one of these positions is vacant, it impacts on the whole programme—and in turn on all those who depend on MAF’s aviation services! 

We are doing everything we can to fill these vacancies. We get the word out across New Zealand through our website, public events, speaking in churches, publications, social media, radio and so on. Once we have connected with the right people, we train, equip and resource them until they are ready to head overseas to put their skills and experience to work with MAF!

Let’s look at just one family, who left New Zealand at the end of March to serve overseas with MAF. Benji, Jess and Elliott tell their story...

Jess writes: We have been here for six months now. One of the highlights has been our language course, which involved taking a MAF flight to a rural mission hospital compound deeper in the Highlands for two weeks. I so appreciated the many nationals who were willing to help us. 

Benji has already been able to provide some great support to the busy and faithful MAF PNG engineering team that keep the MAF planes in the air. With his many years of aviation knowledge he has become a valuable part of the team. He loves brainstorming solutions and teaching tips of the trade to apprentices!         

Even after just six months here we already feel that we have be able to contribute to MAF’s work in PNG! We are really looking forward to making a difference in the years to come!

You can see what a significant difference just one family like the Hunts has already made in such a short time? Just imagine what they will be adding over the years to come. Then multiply what the Hunts will be able to achieve by five...because our goal is to have five new staff head to the field each year. That’s five individuals or families heading overseas in 2020 to serve with MAF! And another five the year after that! You can see the principle of multiplication at work. 


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