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Dodomona HF Radio Install

MAF sponsored six HF Radios’ to be installed in six different remote areas last year. Five of the six HF Radios were installed by our installation team in five remote communities in Edwaki, Kabori, Kwieftim, Yebil, and Seserimi which are located in the West Sepik Province and Western Province of Papua New Guinea. The Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) installation team recently completed the installation of the 6th and final MAF-sponsored remote HF Radio installation in Dodomona, a remote village located in the Western Province.

In May our CRMF HF radio installation team travelled together to Hagen, and from there they divided themselves into two teams. The first team remained at the MAF base in Hagen to install 27 Very High Frequency (VHF) Radios, whilst the second team travelled via MAF plane to the remote village of Dodomona, approximately one hour outside of Hagen. Its mountainous and rugged terrain make it difficult for motor vehicles to reach Dodomona, hence, the importance of the MAF’s role in working with CRMF to deliver the HF Radio service to remote communities.

The delivery, installation and operation of HF radios has always been and is still an integral part of the work CRMF does and continues to do. The need remains for HF radios in the number of remote communities in and around PNG. Most of these remote areas have no access to roads to connect the people to essential services like health-care facilities and therefore, the HF radios provided are (in most cases) the only form of effective communication to meet essential needs for communities living in remote villages like Dodomona (WP).

We are thankful to the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), who flew our technicians during the whole installation process and sponsored these radios for the local communities last year and for the recent Dodomona HF Radio installation.


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