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Fiona Vincent

Home Office

Finance Manager 

My involvement with MAF began in 2009 when the Mareeba Maintenance Hangar was desperate for help in the finance department. We were living 30 kms west of Mareeba, on the edge of the outback with our five children. Since I had qualified as a Chartered Accountant and had many years’ experience in that field, the vacancy fitted my skillset. A year later the Mareeba Finance Manager retired and I was able to step into that role. I continued to homeschool our children.

When we moved back to New Zealand in 2013, I was able to continue in my role by working remotely from home in Waiuku. I have been involved with the Timor-Leste and Bangladesh programmes since then, looking after finances and preparing management accounts. As my children started graduating from home school one by one, I had more time available so have also been able to cover for finance staff on leave in Mareeba and Arnhem Land and volunteer with MAF NZ. Last year I travelled to PNG to help with the new ticketing system rollout.

I love working for MAF and hearing the testimonies of those who have benefited from our service. It is a privilege to have a role in sharing the love of God with some of the neediest people in the remotest parts of the world. I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve in the position of Finance Manager for MAF NZ.


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