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Abigail Vincent

Home Office

Office Assistant

Abigail was born in Hamilton as the youngest of five children. She was home-schooled for her entire primary and secondary school education. Her Year 13 studies were completed in June 2020 and she is currently studying a double bachelors in business and communications. When she was five her family moved to Mareeba, Australia and lived there for four years where her mum started working with MAF. Ever since then she has been helping out at events where needed and volunteering for various outreaches. In October of 2022 she joined the staff of MAF New Zealand as the Office Assistant for the Kendon-Strong Centre in Tauranga. At the age of seven, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Lord, and ever since then missions has been an interest of hers. Now, she is very grateful to be able to have a part in the spreading the Gospel to all corners of the earth.


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