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High Impact Flights!

Tod Aebischer, Country Director in PNG, recently flew from the “remote—to the really remote” to see first-hand the difference even one MAF flight can make on a community. Despite the heat and humidity of the lowlands, being soaked with sweat and the buzz of mosquitoes, Todd reported, “I can tell you...I was surprised and pleased beyond my expectations. This is truly “high impact flying!!”

On his two-day trip Todd saw how, in partnership with others, vaccination programmes, airstrip maintenance, health care clinics, medical treatment and prayer all took place. Relationships were built and surveys of the greatest needs conducted. All of these working together, helped bring about positive and lasting change.

Yet, as he added, none of this would have been possible without the “all-familiar distant hum of the MAF airplane as it approached to pick up the team”.

From its earliest days, MAF has made every effort to ensure that each of its flights makes the maximum possible impact. This means making effective use of all the resources God has given us.

Help keep MAF make more “high impact flights” that provide a valuable and much-needed service!




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