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Karl & Helene Orchard

Karl and Helene are both multi-generation Kiwis. They first met as children at Ruapehu Street Chapel in Kapiti. Karl joined the Air Force at 17 and when he returned to visit his family, Helene and Karl met again and became great friends. Now married for 15 years, they have two beautiful daughters Ayla (7) and Thea (4).

Helene has a degree in counselling and now works as a full-time mum home-schooling their children. Helene is also the Wellington regional representative for an organization called Pro-love. This group prepares boxes of clothes and supplies for struggling families and has been operating from their garage.

When Karl joined the Air Force he was determined to keep his Christian faith as an integral part of his life. He would meet young Christian recruits having left home for the first time and made sure they had a good connection to a local church, and a safe/sympathetic place they could visit if they needed a break from Air Force base life. This included running a Connect Group with an initial focus on young Air Force staff (though all were welcome).

Karl offers MAF an extensive knowledge in IT engineering, designing, networking and Cybersecurity, plus experience operating radio and satellite systems which will be highly valued as the new IT Manager for MAF in Papua New Guinea. His more recent roles have involved serving multiple NZ Government Agencies and the New Zealand Defence Force.

Karl and Helene are currently leaders in the Upper Hutt home church of The Way Collective; a network of home churches who are a disciple-making movement, equipping everyday followers of Jesus to be everyday missionaries in their everyday lives.

“We are all excited to follow God’s plans for our lives and looking forward to the new family adventures ahead of us.”

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