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MAF Track

Let's get you on the right track!

We know that getting to the mission field may seem like a formidable process. We also recognise that you—like every person who applies to join MAF—come with your own life experiences, levels of training and aviation knowledge.

Serving with MAF means being on the front line of sharing the good news of God’s Kingdom to the isolated communities we serve.

Due to the variety of situations you might work in, your technical skills will have to be of the highest standard. But more than this, you will need to be able to combine strong decision-making and relationship-building skills with a positive approach to getting the job done.

In response to this, we have developed MAFTRACK, an individually tailored pathway towards a potential career with MAF. If you are passionate about the work of MAF and would like to pursue the possibility of joining our worldwide ministry, MAFTRACK might be for you!

Applying for MAFTRACK will help us:

  • Work with you to decide together what training and personal development will best prepare you to work with MAF.

  • Stand alongside you to encourage, inspire and assist in your journey towards MAF! This includes putting a plan in place to help you stay focused and work towards your goal. 

  • Partner with other organisations, including your local church, to purposely develop the practical skills you need.

MAFTRACK will meet you where you are, and—depending on what you need to accomplish to be “mission ready”—may include a combination of:

  • Aviation & technical training

  • Cross-cultural & missions exposure

  • Spiritual development

  • Personal growth

If you would like to be a pilot–or are already on your way to becoming one–we can support you through the required steps.

If you are interested in engineering, we will work with you to make sure you have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to become either an authorised Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) or a CAA approved Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME). If you have a background in management, we will assist you towards working with MAF in one of our overseas programmes— where your planning, organisational and leadership skills are highly needed.

If you are passionate about using your skills for His Kingdom—and ready to put a plan in place to achieve your goals—contact us about applying for MAFTRACK.

*Please note that applying for MAFTRACK does not guarantee that you will one day work for MAF.

Find out more info in our Pilot Pack

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