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Change The Ending

Which Stories Could You Change the Ending Of?

“She is not dead yet,” said one of the villagers, “but she will die soon.” Lihut, a 15-year-old girl, was pregnant and trying to deliver, but the baby had turned. There was no healthcare at the time and the people in her village had no hope that Lihut would live.  

So they turned to the local witchdoctor. He and a few other men decided to jump up and down on the girl’s belly, thinking this would help. Of course, it only caused further damage.

Lihut’s story was nearly over. Her fate would have made her just one more statistic among people who are cut off from the outside world—cut off from medical care, education and hope.

What is it you, your friends and your church would change?

But thanks to people like you, MAF was able to be there for Lihut. A twenty-minute MAF flight is sometimes all it takes to give girls like Lihut a chance at a future. Because the ending of her story was changed, her life—and the lives of those in her community—were transformed.

For millions of people living in remote places around the world, even a small accident or minor sickness can leave them cut off from the help they need. All too often their stories don’t end well. Mission Aviation Fellowship is determined to help change the ending of these stories!

What are the issues and causes that concern you today? You may be thinking about clean water, poverty, isolation or violence. You may even be developing some possible solutions.

We suspect that you, like many others, are thinking about how your gifts and strengths can help make a difference in today’s world. Are you wondering how your church could help find some answers? Or how your skills and training in management, finance, IT, building maintenance/trades and administration could help “change the ending” of some of these stories?

At Mission Aviation Fellowship our focus is on the effects of isolation. We often ask: What does isolation actually mean for people, families and communities in developing nations?

For some it may mean that your baby can’t get the medical help it needs. It may mean that young people can’t get an education. That medical teams, missionaries, aid workers and pastors are not able to get to your area. Or that resources and emergency supplies don’t reach your village when you need it most.

You can be part of the answer

Could you hold a “Frying for Life” breakfast to raise money for MAF? Organize a sponsored event? Share about MAF at a home group or with your friends? Perhaps you could show some of our videos to your friends, then ask: What would a different ending look like? How could we journey towards finding some of the answers?

Work in partnership with MAF

MAF is part of a global effort to overcome barriers of poverty, isolation and disease. Across the world, multitudes of people depend on basic services which can only be supplied by using light aircraft. MAF planes transport the seeds, livestock, supplies and materials that people in remote communities need to help build better lives for themselves and their families. MAF aircraft are often the only safe and reliable means of transportation into otherwise isolated communities. In regions without passable roads, MAF can reduce an all-day trek on foot by a doctor or medical team to a mere 20-minute flight. MAF flies over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to bring thousands of men, women and children medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and Christian hope.

MAF is also part of a dynamic worldwide partnership—a vital “link in the chain” for hundreds of organisations. Instead of spending time and money on costly,  inefficient and often dangerous overland transportation, MAF enables aid and development agencies, missions and churches to quickly and effectively put their resources to use where they will make the most difference.

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