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Helping Orphans In South Sudan

Maria Alfons of True Light Ministries frequently relies on MAF to fly her safely in and out of Mundri, South Sudan where she runs an orphanage and is opening a medical centre.

Originally from Egypt, Maria first came to South Sudan in 2009 to begin a ministry for street children. As a trained teacher and fluent in Arabic she was able to step right into the challenges and joys of serving some of the most vulnerable children in South Sudan’s capital. In 2011 Maria started an orphanage in Juba, South Sudan. God brought another Egyptian couple to help her with the ministry, allowing Maria and yet another missionary from Egypt to establish another orphanage in Rocon, South Sudan in 2014. Today, both of these homes are continuing to provide a loving place for orphans as well as provide additional ministries such as care for widows and specific programs for infants and babies.

At the start of 2017, God put it on Maria’s heart once again to open yet another home for orphans, this time in Mundri, South Sudan. They started simply, first building the necessary buildings. Today Maria and her sister Navine care for eleven orphan girls. Now they are beginning to build a medical centre in Mundri as well. 

On this particular MAF Caravan flight, Maria is flying to Mundri with a team from a church in northern Egypt. This is the third team that has come from Egypt to partner with True Light Ministries in Mundri. The plane is full of teachers and medical staff, including Dr Armia who is a paediatric specialist. They will be spending ten days in Mundri, working in the orphanage, teaching at the school, partnering with the local church and providing much needed medical care.

In a country full of conflict and war, MAF is grateful to partner with True Light Ministries and be able to provide flights for Maria and her teams in South Sudan, providing care for orphans and those who need it most.


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