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No Matter How Small

Bangladesh mechanic, Tapon Mondal, believes in doing his best—no matter how small the job. If there’s one thing that stands out about Tapon Mondal, it’s that he is rarely idle. If there’s no work to be done, he’ll find something to do or someone to help.

Tapon, 37, began working for MAF Bangladesh in 2003. Although his brother-in-law David worked for MAF, and through him he knew many MAF staff, he couldn’t get his foot in the door until the unfortunate death of a night guard and the need for an immediate replacement. Tapon was educated and had previously worked for a Christian NGO so he was thrilled to get a job with MAF, no matter how small.

“I was very happy. I started as a night guard, but I always prayed to Jesus, ‘Please help me to get a good job’. I needed a better job, but I thought I needed to complete this one. I needed a good finishing, a good work”.

The MAF Country Director at the time noticed. In fact, everyone noticed because Tapon didn’t wait until someone was watching him to work hard, and didn’t reserve his assistance for only those at the top. If a driver needed a car cleaned, Tapon willingly offered help. Soon he was moved to Driver, then Office Assistant, and three years after starting with MAF he joined the hanger team as an Aircraft Mechanic and Ground Handler. His job includes cleaning, refueling, painting, welding, carpentry and repairs, but as Tapon says, “I do everything”.

In 1971 when a violent war took place between West and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), an estimated 10 million people fled to neighboring India, including Tapon’s Hindu parents with their one eldest son. Tapon was raised in a Christian home. He lost his father at age ten and by 13 he was an orphan when his mother passed away. His oldest brother took care of him with the help of their eldest sister.

“I’m happy to work with a Christian organization like MAF. Everyone behaves very well. Our staff is of the MAF mind—one mind, one family. We work well together.”

Mark Blomberg, as had previous Country Directors for MAF Bangladesh, observed the potential and hard work of Tapon.

“Whether I’m on a flight or helping out with maintenance, I see Tapon is the guy who is always busy. He’s constantly finding work to be done and doing it, usually taking charge to some extent. You don’t see him sitting idle very much. I think he would love to be even busier.”

MAF has provided training for Tapon relevant to his work at the hanger, including Safety, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, and Sheet Metal and Riveting training.

No matter how small the job, Tapon gives his best. “He is dependable and reliable, and he models a lot of the character we like to see in MAF,” Mark says.


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