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Renewable Energy

Dennis Keya, Country Manager of DREAM Kenya, was a passenger on MAF aircraft 5Y-EST in April when he and his colleague travelled from Marsabit to Nairobi. DREAM, (Developing Renewable Energy in Africa and Middle East) is an initiative started in 2014 by EP Global Energy (EPGE) with projects in Jordan, Zambia, South Sudan and Tanzania as well as Kenya.

Founded in 2006, EPGE is an organisation committed to the sustainable development of renewable energy, particularly focussing on wind and solar power generation, especially in parts of the world that remain heavily dependent on conventional sources of electricity, such as coal, oil and natural gas. Teams of experts work hard to provide power at a reasonable cost, and to exercise environmental responsibility by doing whatever possible to mitigate the effects of climate change. EPGE company values include ensuring that development teams who work on projects strive to ensure that their work will have maximum positive impact on local communities and the environment.

EPGE believes in ‘Access to clean and locally produced electricity for all’ and aims to provide such with systems such as the Solar DREAM box, which can be installed in remote villages without electricity or that are too far from the power grid to make it economical to extend electricity; a typical situation in many parts of Marsabit county and the surrounding areas of northern Kenya.

‘Our work in Marsabit involves developing a wind project as well as developing off-grid solar projects for remote communities that would not typically be part of the Kenya Power Grid Network,’ Dennis explains. ‘In essence, our installations enable health, education, and religious institutions as well as households to access sustainable power at an affordable cost.’ During this trip, he and his colleagues had the opportunity to meet with a group of community leaders in Forolle village, which lies far north of Marsabit town almost on the Ethiopian border, to discuss their power needs and interest in DREAM’s Solar Off-Grid solution. Those who attended included the County Executive Committee Member for Energy, as well as a Ward Administrator, and a Member of the County Assembly.

Dennis, who has been in his role for a year, concludes that ‘It was a pleasure flying with MAF. We do look forward to flying again with you soon.’


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