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Mäpuru is a small homeland south of Elcho Island with roughly 120 residents. During the dry season the school uses the road to transport goods—but during the wet season they call upon MAF. This wet season has had very challenging conditions, which has resulted in an increased number of flights. Between 21 February - 12 March this year (less than three weeks), MAF delivered 3670kg of food to Mäpuru Christian School alone. 

Ten years ago, when there was a lack of affordable food for the residents of Mäpuru, under the initiative of and funding by Mäpuru’s elders, the Teacher in Charge, Jackie Ŋuluwiḏi, opened a shop to provide healthy food at affordable prices in the school. The students have now taken over the day-to-day running of the shop. They are using their English and maths lessons to complete stock takes, order goods over the telephone and write up invoices to provide a much needed service to the local residents, but to run the shop, supplies are needed!

MAF Pilot Scott Walmsley says, “It’s such a great initiative, the Secondary students of Mäpuru Christian School are totally responsible for the shop. They manage the accounts, make bookings and then we collect their order from the airport. The shop provides the students with practical application and when it comes to literacy, math and bookkeeping the school students are miles ahead of their counterparts”


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