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Help Bring Lasting Change!


Help Bring Lasting Change!

Over the almost 50 years Mission Aviation Fellowship has been in Arnhem Land, there have been many wonderful testimonies of the Lord’s breakthrough in people’s lives and communities. MAF families become part of the community; they live, work and worship in the ancient Aboriginal homelands. Over the decades, appreciation, trust and respect have become deeply rooted.

MAF flights support a network of Christians who are serving the Yolngu communities: couples and families with Pioneers living in various outlying communities, two Christian schools, health workers and teachers who share the love of Jesus through their profession and various other balanda (white person) and Yolngu-led missions. There is some wonderful work going on to translate the Scriptures into the local dialects—but it is still an enormous task. The New Testament has now been translated into the two main languages: Djambapuynu and Gapupuynu, but the Old Testament is yet to be translated. There are some Psalms and small parts of Genesis translated into Gapupuynu, but that’s all.

Perhaps most encouraging of all is in the area of technology. Many Yolngu possess a mobile phone, and MAF’s Technology Services team has been able to produce MicroSD cards for mobile phones, containing vast amounts of Christian resources. The team also shows the Jesus film and distributes Bibles and Good News DVDs. 

Would you like to be a part of MAF’s amazing work in places like Arnhem Land?

All the years of partnering with the wonderful Yolngu people has resulted in many positive changes in their communities. It’s so exciting to see children given a hope for their future.

Your gift of $45, $80 or even $115 will help bring lasting, positive change!



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