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A Camel Train in Chad

MAF pilot Stefan Hug recently flew some workers and journalists from Every Home for Christ (EHC) to Ati in the center of Chad. After arriving in Ati, he realized that he had no way to secure the airplane for the night as the airport was designed for larger aircraft that don’t need to be tied own. With some support from the base in N’Djamena and help from some local construction workers, Stefan was able to secure the aircraft to prevent wind damage using sacks filled with stone and sand and straps that are carried in the aircraft. 

Stefan then joined EHC as they rendezvoused with a camel caravan north of the city. (See photo). In Chad camel caravans are a traditional source of news and entertainment to small villages all over the desert areas of the country. A camel caravan provides an interesting diversion from the common work and routine of village life, meaning that the caravans are almost always welcome to spend some time camping near a small village. National EHC workers in Chad use this tradition to spread the best news of all to countless villages in the desert regions of northern Chad. Traveling in areas with no cell service, running water or electricity this camel caravan brings music, entertainment and reading materials that point to Jesus. 

Each camel has two riders and everyone is equipped to share with those around them using tracts, music, video, and stories. Caravan life can be difficult and all the household goods and equipment must be carried on the camels, along with the riders. The caravan travels frequently to new areas to connect with more people and find fresh grazing areas for the camels. 

For this trip, a portion of the caravan was sent to meet with journalists and the country director of EHC in Chad for meetings and interviews. The journalists took pictures and interviewed the teams about the work they were doing and their backgrounds. The camel caravan is one the most unique and effective forms of outreach in Chad.

Stefan was very impressed with the responses he heard during the interviews and the lifestyle that the workers were willing to give up in exchange for the way of life they lead now. “I was amazingly humbled by the fact that they stated that the Gospel was worth more to them than wealth and prosperity—all the stuff that they had before they accepted Jesus into their hearts.” 

Flying with MAF meant that the EHC workers from out of country were able to accomplish their interviews, training, and meetings without spending a full day in travel. Danielle Schmidt, the photographer from EHC, expressed her appreciation for the flight: “We are so thankful to MAF for flying us to these remote locations”. 

All photos copyrighted by Every Home for Christ


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