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Flying Over the Mud!

Only 43% of Chadians have basic access to clean water. International Aid Services (IAS), a relief and development organisation based in Denmark, drills wells to provide clean water to those who need it most.

Luke Lunsford works with IAS in Chad—but sometimes the biggest obstacle to his work is dirty water. In rainy season it can be almost impossible to travel because of flooded rivers and thick mud. According to Luke, travel in and out of Hadjer Hadid (an area in eastern Chad) is “one of the most difficult aspects of serving this area.” Despite the difficulties, the water projects are extremely important. With so many people without basic access to water in Chad, the task ahead is huge, but the potential benefits are incredible. With clean water, health increases dramatically and entire communities can be transformed with a single well. The benefits don’t stop there, though. With clean water available nearby, the time spent looking for water is reduced, leaving more time for children to go to school. The adults also have more time, and IAS helps the community by teaching women small business skills so they can generate income for their families. 

MAF allows people like Luke to fly over the muddy roads, flooded rivers and other problems on the ground. With an easy and reliable way to move in and out of undeveloped areas, workers are able to stay at a project over the rainy season, which means that more communities can be reached every year.

Luke said, “The MAF shuttle flight to Hadjer Hadid was such a help during challenging travel during the rainy season and allowed me to meet with our local staff and authorities despite four very flooded rivers and roads. The shuttle system really gives us much more flexibility than we had before. We are launching another water project this fall with four new wells while also traveling throughout other parts of Chad—and look forward to using these MAF flights to stay connected”.  


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