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One Teams Story

When faced with an “impossible” journey, what do you do? Not long ago Micha, a young German with a passion for Jesus, joined a team of six planning to share the gospel with people in the remote Highlands of PNG. After a time of prayer, the team felt that God was putting a particular area on their hearts—but then they found out it would be almost impossible to get there. That was, until they got in touch with MAF, who told them they could fly the team in! Micah said, “Once we arrived, our team was able to teach the adults about God’s love, based on Biblical truth. Others were able to do the same, in a very simple way, for the children. The goal was to plant a seed of love and hunger for God in the people’s hearts”.

Yet this was only the beginning of the story of the great work that God did through the team in PNG. While walking around the village to meet and greet people, to hear their stories and pray with them, the team came across a woman crawling in her vegetable patch. Due to severe wounds to her feet she was not able to walk. Kathy* (not her real name) was a mother of four young children who had been abandoned by her husband. Without even have the 20 Kina fee for the local nurse to treat her feet, how could she make a living and look after her children? What could be done to help Kathy?


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