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Update - 24th March

As events unfold regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to be in touch with you on how this is impacting MAF’s ministry, both here in New Zealand and around the world. As far as possible our work carries on and continues to need your prayer and support!

Our goal is to respond wisely and without fear, while following the current NZ government advice about how to keep the workplace safe. Although our 75th Celebration has been postponed until November 6-8, MAF’s ministry around the world carries on and continues to need your prayer and support!

Current work is focusing on:

  • Establishing procedures to mitigate the possible transmission of Covid-19 by our flight operations.
  • Providing guidance and support for staff in their service with MAF.
  • For as long as possible, with due regard for potential risks, maintaining flight operations to reach isolated people in need, to continue to bring help, hope and healing.

MAF International has established a Crisis Management Team (CMT) that meets twice a day to provide overall guidance. Meanwhile each overseas MAF programme has an Immediate Response Team which evaluatues the situation in their region, follows guidance given by their respective government and is available to conduct flights at their request to assist in this situation.

The MAF New Zealand office staff will continue working, but now from home. We are grateful for the opportunities available to be creative in how we communicate! We will continue to send out the Prayer Map and process donations and payments.

In the midst of this storm, the task of sharing the good news of Jesus remains unchanged. In fact, it is as urgent as ever! God is sovereign and is at work.

We are available via phone and email and would love to continue hearing from you. Your phone calls will still be received on 0800 87 85 85. The New Zealand Post mail service continues and we will continue processing your donations. However, the easiest way to make donations is online at: Please contact us if you need any help with this.

We deeply appreciate your continued prayers for protection of the people we serve and for our staff around the world. 

The MAF New Zealand team


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