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From the First Day Until Now

“From the First Day Until Now” is a video specially produced as part of MAF’s celebration of 75 years of “Flying for Life”. It shows how one man’s life was changed—and how his life then transformed his community and the generations to come! This one simple story is repeated many times over in the 30 countries where MAF works. The light of Jesus is shared and touches other lives. The sound of a MAF plane approaching is the sound of hope. As you watch this video you can be sure that you are a part of making great stories like this happen. Whether we fly, fix the planes, support the work or pray…we are all playing our part in seeing communities transformed. During these challenging times, isn’t it good to be part of something positive that brings change and hope to hundreds every day? More than ever, this is a time for prayer. Together we can help MAF keep working through the pandemic!


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