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Jane Eddy

Recruitment Manager

After nearly 40 years overseas, my husband David and I returned to New Zealand, serendipitously just before COVID-19 hit in 2020. 

We believe God has directed our course home, helped David find employment and provided me an opportunity to work in the wonderful family of dedicated talent called MAF. Every skill the Lord has blessed me with will now be used in His service to meet the needs of the families who cross my path.

My background has been varied; from early days in advertising, sales and corporate training, leading me to management consulting, recruitment and client management. During the last 15 years in Dubai, David and I found our church home in Fellowship Dubai and my life changed forever. I rediscovered my faith and it was like switching from a life of black and white into colour.

We became actively involved in the church, David serving in the leadership team and benevolence ministry and myself in fundraising for Syrian refugee programmes and meeting needs in the community. 


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