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Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop is about walking alongside people, from the initial emergency evacuation, through the stressful stay among strangers in a hospital in an unfamiliar city to offering a fast, comfortable return home – in the same plane that flew them out. Closing the loop means being the Christ who walks through the valley of the shadow of death and out the other side.

The reality for a number of our medevac patients is that they find themselves discharged from hospital onto the street, with little or no money, no supplies, no family, no way (or the slow way) home.

We don’t think this is what the Lord had in mind for them, and MAF can make a difference. Would you join us? Would you be a part of helping us “close the loop” by hiring a MAF Chaplain and providing care packs for patients when they arrive at hospital with nothing and nobody to take care of them. Will you help us show them that they are loved and supported by the MAF family all over the world?



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