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An Incredible Day!

Tod Aebischer, Programme Manager in PNG, said, “What an incredible day it was to welcome the Hon. Nanaia Mahuta (New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs) along with the High Commissioner, Hon. Phillip Taula, and entourage, to the PNG Programme!  

Much preparation, by so many of our team members, went into making this a very special day. Decorating the facility, cleaning, arranging, setting up chairs, sound equipment, media, coordinating logistics, cooking food, cutting up fruit, shopping, engineering on the aircraft to make sure that they were safe and reliable, piloting and on and on!

I am so thankful for, and proud of this incredible team - such a tremendous job! The Minister stated several times, that this has been a highlight of her travels. It was only possible as everyone came together like a well-oiled machine!

But even more so, I'm thankful to the Lord, who has granted us favour with governments and allowed us the opportunity to be used as His ambassadors, speaking love and truth to those who make decisions at high levels. The Minister was impressed with the work that MAF has been doing, especially as the community spoke of MAF's life-saving impact. While time was very tight, we were able to brief the Minister and High Commissioner on the work of MAF globally and locally, during the flight to Tsendiap. The community of Tsendiap went above and beyond, preparing a beautiful reception for the Minister and Team. 

And perhaps one of the greatest outcomes, as the Minister and entourage were preparing to leave, Russell McLachlan (from New Zealand) felt the nudge of the Lord to connect with the Minister and pray for her personally, individually, apart from the group. The Minister was noticeably touched by this demonstration of care for her. Let's just say it was emotional for all who happened to be there at that moment. Thank you, Russell, for being sensitive to the Lord!

I don't know how it could have gone any better. All praise to the Lord for this tremendous day! We look forward to how He will work through this very positive engagement.

Oh, and the Minister was VERY impressed with the flight crew! Her comment on landing at Tsendiap, "Tom Cruise doesn't have anything on these ladies!" Way to go Glenys and Bridget (both from New Zealand)!

Visitors for the morning: 

  • Hon. Nanaia Mahuta, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Hon. Phillip Taula, High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea
  • Charlie Rahiri, Cultural Adviser to the Minister
  • Bernadette Cavanagh, Deputy Secretary, Pacific Development Group
  • Myrah Walters, Press Secretary
  • Jessica Thorn, Private Secretary
  • Megan Levers, First Secretary


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