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Amazing Stories!

Amazing stories happen because everybody plays their part.

An old proverb about making soup illustrates the importance of working together. Somebody brings a pot. Somebody else brings water, another wood, another matches, somebody else potatoes, carrots and salt. If just one person fails to bring what God has given him or her, no soup can be cooked. In the same way, without MAF Jonathan Kopf and his family couldn’t get in or out of the remote villages they live and work in. Without fuel our planes cannot fly. Without an airstrip, like the one painstakingly built by the villagers of Yifki by removing all the 75-to-100-foot trees in a 600-meter-long area, the MAF aircraft wouldn’t be able to land. If Friends in Action hadn’t lent a tractor, then helped take it apart so it could be flown in by helicopter…if it not for a teenager named Yanis inviting Jonathan to visit his village…

If not for all those who pray, if not for those who give…if not for so many people each doing what God has asked them to do! As Jonathan Kopf says;

It’s not about us as missionaries. It’s not about any particular ministry. It’s about God and his awesome story and what he’s doing in the lives of people. And he invites each of us to take part in his story!

Stories like this happen all over the MAF world… will you help make more possible?



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