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Help Bring Lasting Change!


Give a gift that reflects the meaning of Christmas!

Buy someone a “Jerrycan of Jet Fuel” Christmas card.

By purchasing a Jerrycan Christmas card, you are making it possible for MAF flights to continue. This means medical aid, education, essential resources and the Christmas message can get to those cut off by conflict, natural disasters and geography. We can quickly and efficiently fly church and relief and development teams to the areas of greatest need.

And of course, we have flown hundreds of emergency evacuations to transport people in serious physical need for treatment.

While many stories in 2022 have been big, others might appear almost insignificant—but make a huge difference in one person’s life. In PNG, MAF Technologies donated an Audio Bible to a man who attends a local Lutheran Church. Despite being unable to read the Bible, he is now able to hear the word of God through his new Audio Bible device!

Whether big or small, each story changes a life! That’s the power of a jerrycan of fuel!

Each jerrycan holds about 20 litres of fuel, and by buying a $40 Jerrycan Christmas card you will help keep our 130 planes flying.

Here’s how to buy your “Jerrycan of Jet Fuel” Christmas Cards

1: The first step is to go here to donate online.

2: You will then receive a Thank You letter with a link to download your Jerrycan Christmas card/s that you can print out and give to family or friends.


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