This section is updated weekly with new prayer items from our field workers.

HUNT, Benji & Jess

Elliott. Aircraft Engineer, PNG. 

We are so thankful for the friends that God has brought along for our 4-year old the last few months. Unfortunately this is one of the hardest parts of being a mission kid, as friends come and then go. Please pray for resilience and that Elliott would cope well with the coming and going of friends over the next few months in particular.  



Pilot, Timor Leste. 

Praise God that my entry and orientation to Timor Leste went smoothly, that the line check (a flight where an Instructor Pilot observes a pilot during a regular flight) was passed on schedule and the hand-over went without any difficulties. 



As MAF leadership liaise with governments and authorities in Mongolia and Bangladesh about some important issues that need to be resolved, pray that they will communicate well and receive favour.


MATHEWS, Ken & Erica

Regional Safety Manager, NZ based. 

Praise that my meetings in Arnhem Land in October were successful. Praise too for positive interaction at the Regional Managers Conference in Cairns. Please pray for lasting results from both meetings in the months to come.


NICOL, William & Meryl

Matthew. MAFI Aviation Director, Cairns.

Please pray for William, who has been very busy. He recently returned from flying an aircraft destined for South Sudan from the US to the UK, a week of meetings in the UK and a third week in New Zealand. Please pray that the paper he presented at the AGM in the UK outlining the challenge of maintaining an engineering workforce worldwide will have a positive impact for future planning. 


NICHOLLS, Kevin & Angela

Regional Quality Manager, Cairns. 

Praise for the time we had together as a family when Jeremy and Felicity, and Peter visited recently. Please pray for the backpackers outreach BBQ today! Kevin is travelling to PNG in late November to carry out an audit and training for a new Quality Manager; please pray that this goes well.


DIXON, Grant & Sharon

Member Care, Cairns. 

Sharon will start November in Ballarat, Australia as our son Alastair and granddaughter Sienna have birthdays two days apart. On her return, we will be continuing our assignment with the engineering team in Mareeba until the end of the month. 



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