This section is updated weekly with new prayer items from our field workers.

BLAND, Gordon & Janine

Property & Maintenance Manager, PNG. 

We have a team of New Zealanders and Australians coming in August to help with some work in Telefomin. Please pray that all goes smoothly and that they will be able to complete work assigned.



Pilot, Arnhem Land. 

Please pray for the Bible translators across the region. Many of the translators are elderly. Please pray for more workers in this harvest field, as it is of great importance the Yolngu have the Bible in their native languages.



IT Support Officer, Cairns. 

Please continue to pray for the strong, positive relationships I have with those I work with. Pray too that I will handle the challenges of my IT role, as there are often times of pressure. Pray for peace in my heart and the ability to resolve IT problems with skill and wisdom. 


FOX, Mark


Mark is using the winter months to review and redevelop MAF NZ’s Strategic Plan. It seems to be more and more difficult to recruit staff, whether they be engineers, pilots, managers or support staff. We need to find new ways, strategically, to promote, identify and recruit new missionary staff. 


INGHAM, Bridget


This month the MAF Flight Training Centre in Mareeba will begin its first course for students from PNG. Please pray for the instructors and students involved: that administrative, cultural and communication hurdles would be minimal and that the training would go well.


WATSON, Jonny & Glenys

Katie, Alana, Danielle and Lucy. Pilot, PNG. 

Please pray for us as we return to Papua New Guinea and settle into normal work and school routines again following our time in New Zealand on Home Assignment. Glenys will begin her training on the Cessna Caravan C208, so pray that this will go smoothly so she can continue serving the remote communities.


WOODWARD, Vaughan & Rosemary

Ryan. Institutional Donor Relations Manager & Global Disaster Response Deputy Manager, Cairns.

Please pray for guidance around our plans for Home Assignment and Ministry Partnership development in the third quarter of 2019. Praise for the opportunity Vaughan had to contribute to MAF’s disaster response work in Mozambique and for his ongoing involvement in this area.



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