This section is updated weekly with new prayer items from our field workers.


Praise God for the work of our partner in Myanmar, Health and Hope. Please pray that they are effective in educating isolated people on COVID-19 so they need not live in fear with much inaccurate information in circulation.


MATHEWS, Ken & Erica

Regional Safety Manager, NZ based.

Pray for Ken as he works through the challenges  of working remotely with programmes using technology. Please pray too for the two pilots (Andy and Bridget, both from MAF New Zealand) who are flying in Timor-Leste and being supervised remotely, with no in-country manager until next year.


HUNT, Benji & Jess

Elliott. Aircraft Engineer, PNG.

Please pray for health and wellness for our family as lots of different viruses and sicknesses are going around. We’ve all been down with various fevers and flu’s in the last month, so please pray that that’s the end of that! 



Praise the Lord that MAF Timor-Leste recently flew nine medevacs for patients suffering from serious illness, head trauma and cardiac problems.


NICHOLLS, Kevin & Angela

Regional Quality Manager, NZ based.

Please pray that we will be able to transition back to New Zealand as quickly as possible during September.



Pray for those staff who are travelling; pray that their flights will go ahead as planned and that the logistics of travelling during a pandemic run smoothly. Pray too that visas and work permits will be issued quickly as MAF staff and their families try to return to their programmes



Pilot, Timor-Leste.

Pray for the current staff here in Timor, as we are at minimum crew until the end of the year. Pray for endurance and for nothing to break/fail on the aircraft during this time, when getting maintenance done is so difficult.



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