This section is updated weekly with new prayer items from our field workers.

POTHULA, Prabhu & Christina

Abigail. Pilot,

Arnhem Land. Pray that in the coming year we will become bolder in our relationships and that more ministry opportunities will pop up.



Please pray for the MAF New Zealand staff as we prepare for four days at Mys-tery Creek in Hamilton for Festival One (Friday 24-Monday 27). Pray that we can get our aircraft on site for promo-tional purposes, organise our time, safety for travel and most of all great opportunities to talk to people and share the vision of MAF!


NICOL, William & Meryl

Matthew. MAFI Aviation Director, Cairns. 

Please pray for William and Meryl, who are returning to NZ today to be based in Hamilton for one year. They are coming back to spend more time with aging parents and to reconnect with family and friends. Matthew will attend Hamilton Boys High School. Pray too for William, who will take a short break from MAF and then tour as a training pilot, predominantly to PNG and Arnhem Land. 



Pilot, Arnhem Land. 

As Yolngu followers of Jesus continue to discuss difficult matters regarding their culture (in which animistic religious practices are thoroughly entwined) in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please pray for Godly wisdom for them to understand which parts need to go and which may remain. Pray also against syncretism which has crept its way in over the past few years.


WOODWARD, Vaughan & Rosemary

Ryan. Institutional Donor Relations Manager & Global Disaster Response Deputy Manager, Cairns.

 Thank you for praying for Matthews health - the testing he underwent last time we wrote has come back all clear. We’re also thankful for our break over Christmas—a time to unwind and relax after a busy year.


FOX, Mark


Please pray for Mark as he leads the New Zealand team in 2020. MAF NZ has embarked on a new ambitious Strategic Plan to lift recruitment and income. Reliance on God is critical if we are going to achieve these goals.


INGHAM, Bridget

Flight Instructor, Mareeba

Please pray for the new student pilots who will start their flight training in Mareeba this month (especially those com-ing from Papua New Guinea). Pray that they can settle into the community and adjust to a new learning environment



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This is a chance to meet the MAF New Zealand’s CEO and chat with some of the staff, who will be on hand to share insights into the work of MAF around the world. On site will be MAF New Zealand’sRead more

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