This section is updated weekly with new prayer items from our field workers.

POTHULA, Prabhu & Christina

Pilot/Digital Technology, Arnhem Land.

Please pray as we continue to look for opportunities to build relationships, disciple and walk along side our fellow Yolngu Christians in their faith.



Pray for those involved in translating the Bible into the local languages in Arnhem Land. Pray that the spiritual fruit of their work will be felt for years to come. Pray for resilience and grace to overcome the challenges. 


AUSTIN, Peter & Avrienne

Joint Managers, Tree Tops Lodge, Cairns. 

Please pray for us as we continue to serve at Tree Tops, especially for the energy to do the hard work often required to keep Tree Tops looking it’s best for our guests. This is made more challenging during hot and humid seasons.



Pray for Christian ministry called Health & Hope, who are rolling out a new education programme in Lailenpi, Myanmar. Health and Hope are our strategic partners in Lailenpi and have played a significant role in the new airstrip being built there. Pray for the safety and protection of all the leaders, staff and volunteers.



Thank God for all of our volunteers who assist us in New Zealand in practical ways. Pray that God will honour them for their hard work and commitment. Pray for more volunteers, especially for those with a heart to help us prepare for next year’s 75th Anniversary celebration.



We currently have a critical need for engineers. Pray for those involved in recruitment in MAF New Zealand as they work on campaigns to let people know about the vacancies, and that people will hear the call of God. 


McINTOSH, Colin & Rosemary

MAFI Maintenance Support Specialist–Turbine Aircraft, NZ based.

A crucial approval needed to complete the process of importing of the new Cessna Caravan into the Bangladesh programme has turned into a much more complicated process. Continue to pray for good relationships with—and a favourable outcome from—the various departments and agencies involved so that the aircraft can begin serving the people of Bangladesh.



Dodomona HF Radio Install

MAF sponsored six HF Radios’ to be installed in six different remote areas last year. Five of the six HF Radios were installed by our installation team in five remote communities in Edwaki, Kabori,Read more

A Redbird Helps Pilots Prepare

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Connect, Equip, Send - Our Highest Priority

We can have the aircraft, the fuel, the teachers, pastors and medical teams that urgently need to reach isolated areas. We can have the landing strips, the building supplies and educationalRead more

It’s Time To Celebrate!

In 2020, MAF around the world will celebrate 75 years since New Zealander Murray Kendon’s vision for using light aircraft to enable missions became a reality. Seventy-five years later, we are stillRead more

What a Difference a Vaccine Fridge Makes!

Late last year our technical team installed a High Frequency (HF) Radio in Kabori, a remote village in PNG. The HF radio was installed in a local pastor’s house, part of which he dedicated to serveRead more

Working Together in Bible Translation

It is 2019 yet there is still a long way to go to complete translating the whole Bible to Yolngu-Matha, the heart language of the Yolngu people. The encouraging news is that there are both indigenousRead more

The “Forgotten People” of Northern Kenya

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Help Transform a Nation!

Can you imagine being among the 70% of the population of Timor Leste who live in rural areas? You would face significant inequality with those in the capital Dili. In fact you, your family and yourRead more

Tali Takes To The Air

Tali Grace is currently training to become a pilot at the MAF Flight Training Centre at Mareeba. Her journey to MAF began when her Dad took her to visit PNG in 2008. On her first flight in a smallRead more

A Force To Be Reckoned with!

Joe Knighton, Senior Flight Instructor for Mareeba Flight Training Centre strongly believes that, “God gives us skills and abilities, and it is our duty to use those skills to help others.” GrowRead more

Managers Needed

TREE TOPS LODGE IN BEAUTIFUL NORTH QUEENSLAND is a joint venture of MAF and Wycliffe. It provides accommodation for missionaries seeking a break from the mission field, offering rest in a peacefulRead more

Clean Water, Fresh From the Mountain!

Flying over the highlands of PNG and looking down on the huge forests, more and more houses with a corrugated iron roof can be spotted. For hundreds of years the people used to live under a grass rooRead more