This section is updated weekly with new prayer items from our field workers.


IT Support Officer, Cairns. 

Pray that we are able to successfully recruit another IT Officer in Cairns to work with me. It’s hard to find someone with IT experience, who is in Cairns—or willing to move here—and Christian!


AUSTIN, Peter & Avrienne

Joint Managers, Tree Tops Lodge, Cairns.

We give thanks for Alan & Carol Bickell as they settle into life at Tree Tops Lodge. Please pray that they will have a smooth transition. Pray for us as we finish off the reports for 2018 and praise that the Audit has been completed.


HASTIE, Kerry & Marie

Jesse, Ethan and Johanna. Quality and Safety Manager, Mareeba. 

Please pray for Marie as she has now joined the Access Place committee. Pray for wise decisions with regards to outreach activities within the local community. Pray Marie has a wonderful 50th birthday this month and for Kerry as he sits his Part 145 Quality Managers role interview with CASA.


DE’ATH, Chris & Ruth

Maddison, Chloe, Kaela and Toby. Programme Manager, Arnhem Land. 

Praise God for our time in Arnhem Land and for the incredible, committed team we had the privilege of working with. Pray our family has a really refreshing break in March in NZ. Praise God for Duncan and Ruth Jack and please pray for them as they step into the Programme Managers role.


MILES, Doug & Yvonne

Deputy Programme Manager, PNG. 

Please pray for physical health and protection from illness. Pray for wisdom for Doug in the many decisions he needs to make both daily and long term.



Pray for wisdom for the staff at CRMF who are looking for ways to improve and update the WiFi Bible. Thank God for the installation of this amazing tool and the way it is reaching people throughout PNG.


PATTEN, Dallas

Operations Manager/Pilot, South Sudan. 

Please pray for the MAF team here as there will be a lot of transition within the International staff team during 2019.



We Are Coming to Whanganui and Hawera!

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MAF is coming to Feilding's Field Day

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Help Bring Lasting Change!

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We are looking forward to coming to Feilding!

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We'll Be At Festival One

This year it will take place between Friday 25 and Monday 28 January at Mystery Creek in Hamilton. We really enjoy the event, which has been described as “New Zealand’s ultimate summer festivalRead more

In Just One Day

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A Safe Haven In Life's Storms

Peter and Avrienne Austin have been at Tree Tops Lodge for three years now. Tree Tops, in Cairns, northern Australia, provides a safe and relaxing environment for those involved in missions workRead more

We're coming to Whangarei and Whakatane

We are looking forward to coming to both Whangarei and Whakatane—and warmly invite you to join us. Tell your friends! All welcome. Come and see an operational MAF plane that flew as a lifeline toRead more

Help Keep MAF Flying

To fly Doctors Mark and Andrea Hotchkin back to the hospital in Chad where they provide basic healthcare to isolated communities would have taken MAF just six hours. Compare this to their arduousRead more

Buy A Jerrycan Of Jet Fuel

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Bringing Change To One Community

MAF has been bringing printed Bibles, Audio Bibles and Bible CD’s into the community of Nungwaia, which in turn has brought change to those living there. Many have expressed their gratefulness—asRead more

MAF/TRACK - Preparing Mission Ready Pilots

MAF New Zealand continues to be one of the highest per capita “sending” countries in the MAF world. With four women pilots and another to join them soon, we also have the highest ratio of womenRead more
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