You are warmly invited to join us at a MAF InFlight event and hear Rick and Lauryn share their experiences and reflections on 28 years with MAF–19 years in PNG, seven with MAF NZ and the last two at Mareeba.

Friday 23 June
Manukau City Baptist church

- Relaxed “cafe-style” setting with coffee, cake & refreshments
- Updates and insights into MAF’s international work
- Meet others with a passion for missions and aviation
- Also incorporating a brief MAF AGM

Lauryn remembers that opportunities for ministry changed with every location. “Over the years we were in seven main locations and several other short term ones. Teaching, preaching, encouraging, visiting, praying, sharing stories and just being friends on a beach, at a BBQ or a mumu in the ground with a plate of sweet potato or a pot of soup and rice, have been priceless privileges. By the last few years I understood that changing people is God’s job, and I needed to relax and let Him tell them what needed their attention.

Rick recalls, “Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned have come in situations that have caught me by surprise. I recall being invited to preach at a village church in the Highlands and had an experience I’ll never forget. It was a typical kunai house—grass roof and bark walls. It was small and dark inside. There were about 20 locals, mostly women and children sitting on the ground. The four musicians were on a low wooden stage with uneven boards that flexed and creaked as the worship leader danced around. He was 110% enthusiasm and didn’t really need the microphone. A strong voice, often in the wrong key and a beat or two ahead or behind the guitars. None of the three guitars had a full set of strings and all were badly out of tune. By our standards, it was all wrong, everything was wrong—except for the overwhelming presence of God that filled the church for an hour or two with songs, praise and adoration in at least three languages. Beautiful.



Before starting any new work MAF carries out a detailed feasibility assessment to make sure the work is needed, valued and will make a long term impact. In starting a new project MAF will ask: “Does
We currently have two exciting opportunities to work with MAF in Arnhem Land in the far north of Australia. Technology Services Representative MAF Arnhem Land needs someone with a passion for
As you can imagine, flying aircraft in remote places around the world comes with a cost—but the work is invaluable to those we serve. This is an opportunity to treat both yourself and your friends