Our job as MAF New Zealand is to both support current field staff and recruit new people to keep the roles filled. We do everything we possibly can to find and train new recruits—but we need your help!

Can you imagine what would happen if people or communities in urgent need were told that our aircraft weren’t flying because of a lack of staff? What would this mean for women having difficulty delivering their babies, missionaries trying to get into hard to reach places and doctors or medical teams desperate to reach those who need treatment?

Each year a number of staff who have served overseas with MAF complete their assignment and return home. To make sure we have a full complement of qualified staff to keep the work growing and developing these positions need to be filled.

Everything MAF does, from flying resources into remote villages in Papua New Guinea to getting teachers and pastors to remote places in Arnhem Land, requires staff—the right staff for the job. Of course we need pilots and aviation engineers—however, to make sure our pilots have the absolute best support they need, other essential staff are required. We need to urgently recruit finance, IT, operations, ground staff and managers. In other words, all those needed to keep aircraft flying safely and the good news being delivered. Like a jigsaw, every one of the pieces is needed to make the complete puzzle. One piece missing means the jigsaw puzzle cannot be completed.

Finding the right people, however, is not easy and MAF sets the bar pretty high! We need people with a high level of professional training—but who are also willing to give up their often high-paying jobs!
They need to be mature Christians—preferably with some Bible College training and life experience.
On top of this, they must be willing to go overseas and serve in some very challenging nations. Finally, they must have the character and personality to be able to consistently show love to others, even when they are hot, tired and things are not going well!

We need to make sure every person and family member is as well equipped and prepared as possible for what they will find when they arrive in their new country. Even though they may already be highly qualified, candidates face a long journey to get to the field. Olivia, our Recruitment Manager, works alongside them, encouraging and mentoring candidates through the process.

We can’t do it without you! Would you be a part of helping MAF find and prepare new staff to fill essential positions overseas? Recruitment comes with a cost. Your donation at this time would be very much appreciated—and will make a big contribution to our recruiting process.




Imagine a place in Africa where the four major language groups of the continent meet in one place! A place where the local tribes, the Hadzabe, Taturu and Datooga, are still classified as
SORRY THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO A BAD WEATHER FORECAST. It will be rescheduled for later in the year. We will let you know when. We are looking forward to coming to Hawkes Bay! MAF warmly