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Jerrycans Of Jet Fuel

Without fuel we cannot fly far!

Over the years we have been amazed at God’s mercy and compassion for even the most marginalized and how, by working together, we have been able to bring God’s love to isolated people in places of deepest human need.

Begun by two young pilots from New Zealand after the Second World War, Mission Aviation Fellowship now has 130 aircraft in over 30 nations and flies in some of the most challenging places on earth.

In 2019 we flew teachers, pastors and resources to the aboriginal people living in remote north Australia. We helped bring transformation to the island of Timor Leste by transporting medical teams to help eradicate serious diseases. We were also able to provide a wheel chair to Josephine, a teenager in South Sudan exhausted by a life that had left her powerless, so that she could attend school. The stories go on and on… but without fuel we cannot fly far!

By gifting one or more of MAF’s “Jerrycans of Jet Fuel” this Christmas, you will help us make a flight that could change a life. Each Jerrycan holds about 20 litres of fuel—that’s enough for 20 minutes of flight. In many of the remote places where we serve, 20 minutes will get us over the next ridge of mountains, and even these short flights can save lives. That’s the power of a Jerrycan of fuel.

Here’s how to buy your “Jerrycan of Jet Fuel”

If you would like to give a “gift that makes a difference”, the first step is to go here to donate online.

Once you have donated, you will receive a Thank You letter with a link to download your Jerrycan Christmas card, that you can print out and give to someone you love.

You may never know the impact your gift has...but you can be sure it will help change lives in ways you could never imagine!



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