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A Bold New Vision

The Kendon-Strong MAF Centre

Great news! We have made the first step towards purchasing a hangar at Tauranga airport, which will be developed into the Kendon-Strong MAF Centre!

In response to the urgent global need, the Kendon-Strong MAF Centre will allow us to meet the changing landscape of recruiting and developing missionary pilots, engineers, ground staff, managers and leaders. It will be a “hub” of MAF activity—prayer, fundraising for the work overseas, recruitment, equipping of new staff, training and connecting with others in the aviation industry.

One way to describe an organisation and its activity is in a “word picture”. MAF NZ can be pictured like a house with four rooms: the rooms of Prayer, Mobilising, Christian Communities and Raising Resources. The new centre in Tauranga will provide the place in which these four rooms can operate in order to move MAF New Zealand into the future.

Today, we stand on the threshold of completing the purchase of the hangar. In Isaiah 45 God says, “I will go before you and make the rough places smooth…” We are looking forward to seeing how God will “go before us” as we pray and work together to establish the Kendon-Strong MAF Centre!



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