Jonny and Glenys Watson, along with their children, Katie (9), Alana (7), Danielle (5) and Lucy (2) are excited to be preparing to serve the Lord with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Born and raised in Christian families who taught them what it meant to follow Jesus, they are passionate about serving and glorifying God in everyday life. Jonny and Glenys met through church and youth group. They were married in 2004.

Glenys became interested in aviation during her high school years. After school she completed a Diploma in Operational Aviation, then worked as an Air Ambulance pilot, commercial pilot and instructor in Hastings and then Hamilton, before taking 9 years out to focus on raising and caring for their four daughters.

In her leisure time she loves spending time with her family, gardening, walking and tramping, sewing and drinking good coffee with friends. During the past 4 years Glenys has completed a Certificate of Intercultural Studies through Eastwest college to prepare.

Jonny has worked as an Engineering Geologist. He loves to play and follow all kinds of sport, particularly football, and has been involved in leadership in their local church. He has completed some biblical studies through Laidlaw College.

Jonny and Glenys, along with their family are excited and are looking forward to using their skills and gifts in serving God and the communities He places them in with MAF.